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Mar 16, 2014
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So I made a batch of the Training Wheels Berliner ( and it turned out really good, and I had been thinking of adding some watermelon juice when I kegged it, which seems to be fairly standard. Here's the rub. I've got a wedding to go to this weekend, and it has been hinted that I could bring a small keg, but the bride hates melon.

I thought of leaving it plain, but the basic recipe, while good, doesn't have a lot going on, so I'm looking for a good, non melon, fruit flavor I can add while kegging with mass appeal. So far I've thought of addung sour cherry juice, blackberry juice, limeaid concentrate (or just key lime juice), or peach nectar.

So what has worked well for you guys? If I had time, I could put it on some peaches in secondary, but that takes time I don't have.

All this is a bust if I can't fix the leak in my regulator. This is my first kegging experience...hold me.