Added dregs to an American Brown Ale

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Apr 12, 2014
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On 11/13/16, I bottled a brown ale. I was not happy with the amount of beer left on the yeast cake due to my poor ability to siphon. I cold crashed the better bottle & ended up with an extra half gallon two days later.
On 11/15, I moved the beer into a growler & added the dregs from a bottle of Orval. On 12/2, I added the dregs of a Crooked Stave Brett beer. I added priming sugar & bottled this beer on 2/20/17. Bottles used were 12 oz. flip top style & a couple Orval Bottles. I wrapped the 6 pack in bubble wrap inside a cardboard box to avoid bottle bombs.
I just tasted my first one today. Very happy with the results. Anyone else try something like this?
I brew up an extra gallon every brew day just for bottle dregs. Let them sit for 6 to 12 months. If the beer is good the next time I'm brew it I do 10 gallons and split the batch half sour half clean. I just use the cake from the gallon on the sour.
That's a good idea.
Although I liked the American Brown Ale, I plan to make some subtle changes to the recipe for next time.
For the brett test version, I was blown away at the flavor. I'd like to make it again. For a 5 or 10 gallon batch, do you buy a White Labs or Wyeast strain or do you use the dregs & build them up?
For mixed fermentation I use wyeast or grow up bottle dregs. For Brett beers I use white labs and bottle dregs. For lacto only I use a probiotic called pb-8. I really like adding fresh packs with bottle dregs from 4 to 6 bottles