Add a PID on top of a Grainfather S40

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Jun 4, 2021
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Hi gang,

I have recently purchase a grainfather S40 for real cheap. Prior to that, I used a DIY kettle with an Auber EZboil PID.

The only thing that I find deceiving with the Grainfather S40 is the temp control (no PID with the S40). I was wondering if I could add my EZboil on top of my S40.

I have doubt. My guess is that the PID will simply reset my S40 which will stop to heat altogether.

But I am no expert there. Has anyone try something like this?

Thanks and happy holidays!
I fitted a smartpid to my All in one system and know of someone who fitted a pump and smartPID to their Digiboil.
That EZboil looks like it could be wired in to control the element on the S40 and given it's features would be a big improvement on the s40 thermostat control. Plenty of EZboil users I expect on the forum who can advise you about that unit.
Interested to see how it goes.