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Aug 1, 2006
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Windsor Locks, Ct
OK, I feel pretty retarded....I've been part of this forum since 2006 and I still don't know what "SWMBO" means. Please enlighten me. I'm gonna feel pretty stupid on this one i think.
It's a trap, designed to catch people who don't search when they should.

(hint: very first google result...)
I do a lot of searching and not much talking.....actually unfortunately, I haven't even been doing much brewing either....I have a lactic bacteria infection at my apt according to my home brew shop that has tasted my beer. So i have been brewing at my buddy's place, and it is kinda inconvenient.

I just found the wonderfulness (is that a word???) of lambic beers, and am going to try my hand at it after i make a stir plate out of an old computer my brother-in-law just gave me.

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