Belgian Golden Strong Ale Accidental La Fin Du Monde Clone

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Mar 22, 2021
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Kansas City
Perhaps a happy accident. I was trying to recreate a Leffe Blonde clone (combining different recipes mostly from this site).

It didn't turn out right. So I left it to age a bit while I went on a work trip. The last night of the work trip, I drank La Fin Du Monde for the first time in several years.

When I get home, I revisited the 'blonde' and realized it tastes exactly like La Fin Du Monde I drank last night.

Complete accident, but I thought I would post the recipe here in case it may help someone later:

10 (Dingemans) Pilsner Malt; 2 (Weyermann) Munich Light (12L); 1 carapils; .75 aromatic; .5 melanoidin; .5 white wheat; 3 extra light DME (pre-boil); 1 clear candy syrup (post boil) [all malts in lbs]

1 Hallertau Mittelfruh (60); 1 saaz (30 & 5) [all hops in oz and (minutes)]

Danstar Abbaye - 1Liter Starter

6 gallons RO water; 1 gallon carbon filtered tap water. (Resulting in 6 gallon batch in the end).

Mash in at 140 for 10 minutes, 150 for 30; 158 for 30. Boil 60. Immersion chiller to 70F.

Ferment at 68F for 10 days, the last 7 of which were under pressure at 3-4 psi.

OG: 1.089 FG: 1.015
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