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Mar 1, 2014
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Whelp, I learned that there's difference between Pilsner DME and light DME this evening. While bottling a SMaSH I was excited about, I purged my bottling tube and wand into a pint glass and discovered my brew was much darker than expected. A couple weeks ago, after a 1-gallon test batch came off nicely, I calculated my 5-gallon needs and headed to the LHBS for some Pilsner DME but they only had light. Close enough. I ferment in a bucket, and am patient enough to let stuff sit undisturbed so I had no idea what the wort looked like until bottling. The color is between an IPA and Pilsner - a pale ale basically. Not what I expected but the flat brew tasted very good nonetheless. I'll have to circle back and get the EXACT ingredients I need next time. For now, I'll for sure enjoy my newly bottled mutant beer, but I learned something too.
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