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Aug 29, 2015
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I’m currently making a tropical melomel that came out to about 9.7% (OG 1.070, FG .997, about 7 gal) I’m adding about 13.2 lbs of brewers orchard purée to it after adding sulphite and sorbate to retain all flavor and leave the sweetness as well.

with this much purée and volume how can I figure out my new abv?
According to brewers orchard (purée company) 11lbs is between 1-1.4 gal, so 13.2 will probably be around 1.5
If you are stabilizing ( adding sulphite and sorbate) it will not add any additional alcohol because the yeast will not reproduce and ferment out the sugar in the puree.

Edit: I did not understand your question obviously. I know there are calculations you can do, but I don't know them. Good luck :mug:

Edit #2, This made me think, you have approximately .68 gals of EToh in your 7 gals of mead, and .68 gals of 8 = 8.5% ABV. I figured out how much EToh was in the mead then used a % calculator I found on google. I hope this helps. :rock:
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Yeah but the mead will be racked off the puree eventually, so only the liquid will contribute to dilution. I dunno how to calculate that.
In my calc I figured .5 gal of lees. It will be somewhere between 8 and 8.5 as the lees with reduce the EToh a tinny bit.