Abandoned batch of kombucha has strange growth

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Jul 11, 2020
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So, bad on me. I’ve neglected my last batch of kombucha for around 8 months. Went to pull it out today to check It and oh my! There is probably a quart of kombucha (vinegar) at the bottom and the SCOBY is at least a 6 inches mass. On the top rim towards the back at liquid level there is a significant dandelion yellow growth with what appears to be MaM yeast growing on it in some areas.

I didn’t want to disturb it by moving it to open and check so thru the glass is the best pic I could get. I didn’t notice any odor when looking up close.

Thinking back, I did pull it out about 6 months ago and besides the enormous pellicle, it looked great. Other than change the coffee filter top I did nothing else too it.

Has anyone ever seen anything like this before? Is it salvageable or do I need to start over?

I’d appreciate any input.