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Jan 7, 2007
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Orlando FL
So I decided to do a n ABA Clone from a recipe I found online this weekend. I just have a few questions I need answered before brew day. The recipe didn’t say but my assumption is that the 2lb of specialty grain should be steeped as usual for 30 min? What would be the proper temp…. I assume 154?

Also some recipes calls for steeping in 2 gal of water and then sparging with a gallon of water, while other will just say steep in the 3 gal that will be used for the boil. What would be the proper procedure here?
Also if this recipe is a full 5 gal boil I may have some hop utilization numbers to correct. Does anyone know the correct amount of hops I would need to use to achieve the 76IBU’s in a 3 gallon boil doing 3 hop additions? 1Addition at 75 min of boil time 1Addition at 45 min of boil time and 1Addition flame out.

Here is the original recipe:

Grains: .5 lb Special-B 147L
.5 lb Biscuit 24L
.5 lb Aromatic 19L
.5 lb CaraMunich 47L

Malt Extract: 3 lbs Amber Muntons DME
5 lbs Light Muntons DME

Hops: 1 oz Chinook 11% AA 75 min
1 oz Chinook 11% AA 45 min
1 oz Chinook 11% AA aroma

Yeast: Wyeast 1056 American Ale (left over from 3.5 months ago. made starter 2 days prior)

Brew Date: Rack to Secondary: Keg Date:

Date: 1/07/05 1/19/05 02/21/05
Gravity: 1.080 1.022 1.017
% Alcohol: 10.5 2.8 2.25
% Sugar: 21 6 4.5
Temp of reading: 64 64 68

01/07/05 Didn't want to use wheat DME as Homebrew Adventures recipe called for. But, I wanted to use their grain bill. I used the all-Chinook part from the Zymurgy recipe. I created my own hop schedule with the calculator on BeerTools.com to achieve the 76 IBU's as specified by both recipes. Aerated with pure O2 for 2 min.
01/19/05 Slow and steady fermentation with much bubbling in blow off and air lock for a good 10 days. I think it's probably done fermenting now. It got fairly low, all things considered. Good taste. Fairly bitter, slight alcohol warmth, malt balance, dry finish. I think it's off to a good start but it could use a little aging time. Not very clear right now either.
01/21/05 After it was in the secondary for a couple days I thought I might not mind a slightly lower FG, so I crushed and added two Beano tablets to see if that can happen.
02/21/05 Looks like Beano came through nicely, dropping it 5 points in one month. I'm more happy with this FG and now it's 8.25% alco. The taste is very good, bordering on great. The bitterness reminds me of my barley wine from last year. Great malt flavor. Very clear beer too, even now. The side by side with the real AB will be interesting.
04/11/05 This turned out excellent. See the tasting notes that I posted. There is an all-grain version of this beer somewhere in that thread too.