A smooth Porter!

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Aug 23, 2006
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Try this out if you really like smooth Porter's.

For real Porter lovers, this will lack the roasted kick!, but it is a good session beer and on for converting BMC people over to dark Ales. If you want to make it a robust Porter then just up the black patent to 6 and Roasted Barley to 8 ounces.

I liken this to Yeungling Black and Tan. It is a tad more of everything, but just as smooth. Actually smoother because it does not have that little weird "twang" that Yeungling has.

Doug's Smooth Porter

8 Oz Crystal 60
6 Oz English Chocolate Malt
4 Oz American Black Patent
4 Oz American Roasted Barley
8 Oz Belgium Biscuit Malt

Steep @ 158 for 30 mins with 1 tsp Burton Salts

6 Lbs Muntons Light LME
2 Lbs Breiss Amber DME
8 Oz Malto Dextrin

1.25 Oz Cascade Hops (60 min bittering)
1.5 Fuggles Hops (5 min aroma)

Use White Labs European Ale WLP-011

primary 1 week
secondary 2 weeks
bottle of keg for 6 weeks before consumption.


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Aug 9, 2006
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Charlottesville, VA
The most important ingredient for that "smoothness" you speak of is the maltodextrin.

And on that note, I've got a tip for ya...don't pay the exhorbitant amounts they want for MD powder at the online HBS's. Go to some place like bulknutrition.com and you'll find maltodex powder being sold at a very cheap price as a dietary supplement, like protein powder. In fact, I've been using MD in my pre- and post-workout shakes much longer than I've been brewing. It's a great complex carb.