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Jul 21, 2013
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Well after brewing for about 3 years I finally have a batch I will have to dump. Mold has begun growing on the top of my beer. I figure only 1 batch so far is not too bad, still a bummer. I hope this is the last of the mold beer.
What does it look like? If it is green dump it if it is a white powdery looking taste it. I know unintended infections rarely produce a hood sour beer. But you will never know if you don't try it.
It's grey so I don't think it's good to taste. I'm usually extremely cautious with my sanitation but I guess maybe not so on this batch. I think all this equipment will get a very long star San soak. This batch was supposed to be a surly caco bender clone (or something close to it) oh well I guess I'll have to try again.
Sorry to hear about that. Getting an infected batch sucks, but it makes for a good wake up call if your sanitation is not up to snuff. Been there--twice in a row. It made me a bit paranoid, which isn't always a bad thing. I replaced a few plastic items and cleaned/sanitized the daylights out of the rest. I now replace tubing often, an easy and cheap bit of insurance.
Post a pic....

It may not be a loss.

Here is an intentional infection. Looks pretty funky. But good taste. You may have to let it ride for a while but if it does not taste bad then it may be something good.

Definitely don't give up! At the very least taste the beer. Lots of molds will grow on the surface of the beer where's there's some O2. I've racked countless >10 beer from below a skunk layer and they've been some of my favorite brews. Never assume it's a goner without tasting it first. On the other hand, as beergolf shows - even if infected - it could still be good.

Ya, if it's actually mold you can rack from underneath the top layer and it's still ok. If you dumped it already then oh well, on to the next one.