A retrospective on my first all-grain batch...

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Nov 18, 2008
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I took copious notes throughout the process.

Many thanks to those who offered their advice here.

Here is my recipe and my brew day notes: (criticisms, comments welcome)

My equipment-
2 x 17.5 gallon igloo cubes. MT has a sparge sprinkler and ss hose grain filter.
8 gallon brew pot (keggle soon to come)
60K BTU propane burner

First Big IIPA

March 29, 2009

15 lb Pale Malt 2-Row

2 lb Pale Malt 6-Row

9 oz Crystal 120L

9 oz Victory Malt

1 lb corn sugar (last 10 min of boil)

Heated 5.7 gallons to 160° to make strike temp 148° (hit right on). Threw in 1 tbs 5.2 buffer.

Let mash rest for 70 minutes.

Heated 5 gallons of sparge water to 177°, once in the tun it was 173° (brought it down to 170°).

Vorlaufed about 4 quarts. Wort ran real clear. Had some issues making sure the sparge/run-off rates were in harmony. It's like trying to drive a stick I suppose :)

Sparged for 35 minutes.

Collected just about 7 gallons of wort at 1.068.
Had an extra 1+ gallon of 1.036 run-off that I ended up tossing.

Boiled for 75 minutes.

Added 5 ounces of various hops at intervals (pellets, no bags. See schedule below)

Threw in 1 tsp Irish moss last 10 minutes of boil along with the above mentioned corn sugar.

Brought boil down to 72° using immersion chiller (took about 20 minutes).

Gravity at time of yeast pitching was 1.093 (exactly my goal).

I ended up with about 5 gallons. Just a little short of my 5.25 gallon goal. I attribute this to possibly not hitting the 7 gallon mark with the wort. I didn’t have a mark on the pot and had to guess. I lost a lot to hop trub as well. I started racking into the fermenter by swirling and resting for 20 minutes, then I slid the siphon down the side of the pot and began to drain. I got about 4 gallons of very nice clear wort...but there was about 2 inches of break/hop trub at the bottom. I decided to just pour it all out into a strainer to achieve 5 gallons. I threw out quite a bit of hop sludge.

Plugged my #'s into Beersmith and it says my efficiency was 64%. I'm not gonna argue with that. I think my fly sparge could have went better.

1.25 oz Magnum 14.4 AA (60 minutes)

1.25 oz Magnum 14.4 AA (30 minutes)

1 oz Centennial 8.5 AA (15 minutes)

.5 oz Simcoe 11.9 AA (10 minutes)

1 oz Centennial 7.7 AA (0 minutes)

Dry hop with:

.5 oz Centennial 7.7 AA

.5 oz Crystal 3.0 AA

1 oz Simcoe 11.9 AA

Pitched yeast at about 8pm with blow off tube. Room temp is 64 degrees.

As of 8 am this morning, there is foam in tube.

I made a 2.5 liter starter with 2 Wyeast Activators