A question about moonshine apple pie (as seen on Youtube)

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Jul 10, 2012
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Saratoga Springs
Okay, so here my ignorance is in full view. Those Youtube videos that demonstrate a recipe for "moonshine apple pie" basically suggest that you add (let's say) a fifth (750 ml) vodka (moonshine or store bought) to 2 gallons of apple juice (or "cider") - that is 7570 ml. By my calculations if the vodka is 90 proof and you add 7570 ml of juice the resulting proof of the "apple pie" is about 8 (750 * 90 = 67,500; 67,500 /8,320 (the total volume - the volume vodka + the volume of the juice) = 8.11 proof.) - or if you use something like Everclear, and the initial proof is doubled, the final proof is about 16? Am I mistaken? Is this essentially a strong beer (or if using pure grain spirits this is equivalent to a high ABV dessert wine)? and here I was thinking that "apple pie moonshine" was like a folksy liqueur.. It isn't, is it?