A newb mistake and question about racking

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Jun 29, 2015
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Santa Fe
So I might have gotten a little overzealous and made a 3 gallon batch of some spiced cyser. The problem? I added all the spices to primary (cinnamon, vanilla, cloves, ginger, nutmeg) but then read that this can cause some really funky and off flavors and everyone suggested adding spices to secondary.

Well, In order to prevent the spices from sitting too long during primary and causing off flavors, I just racked it to secondary after 3 weeks of primary fermentation. The OG was 1.138 and the SG at racking time was 1.021. I'm not sure if this is normal or not (Seems like the SG should have been lower).

Anyway, will the fermentation pick back up after a couple days or have I essentially stalled my mead and it's going to stay around 1.02?

On a side note, the flavor wasn't too terrible. It was definitely ginger and clove heavy. I'm assuming those flavors will mellow out as it sits for the next few months in secondary.
It will likely slowly continue to ferment down a bit, maybe, maybe not, but 3 weeks is nothing, this stuff is not like beer......patience is a virtue, just set it and forget it for a while, other than checking to see you airlock has fluid in it, perhaps rack again down the road if sediment still drops out.....time is your friend (a PITA friend, but it has to age, no way around it ;) ) Do a gravity/taste test down the road......if, after a length of time it seems to have lost some flavor, you can always add more...just let it be for now....start another batch to take your mind off of this one !!! There is the initial investment in multiple fermentation vessels to take into account, but...having several batches in the pipeline at different stages helps with developing patience.
Haha, yeah. I've already got a gallon of JOAM going now. I'm planning on letting this sit for the long haul now.
Quick note on spices: Less is more.

Be very careful with them. If you can taste is strongly while it ferments then it will likely be overpowering when it's ready to drink. I suggest thinning it out a bit by combining this batch with another batch without spices.

Spices do mellow a little over time but more often than not, they intensify.