A great Cherry Wheat.

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Feb 13, 2009
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Hey guys, Im moving my IPA over to secondary today which frees up my primary. My girl said she'd like to try a Cherry Wheat, and i think that sounds like a good idea seeing how we both like Sam Adams version.

Has anyone made a great Cherry Wheat that they'd care to share with me? I saw the one submitted by rdjw, and unless I get any other ideas, I'll probably try my hand at that.

I want this to be an extract batch and I have a 4 gallon pot to work with. One thing that we're hellbent on is, we want to use real cherries (no cherry extract or flavorings).

If I do decide to go with the Cherry Wit from the recipe section, what kind of yeast do you recommend? I've never tried a liquid, maybe this would be a good time. Only thing is, I wouldn't be able to make a 2 day starter for it. I do however have a packet of Nottingham that I could start today if that would work.

Let me know what you guys think.. thanks a lot! :)