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Jan 2, 2007
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Just mashed in on a batch of Irish stout(Guiness clone) after finally being able to "mill my own" , even hit my strike temp. right on.... Father in-law got me a Crankenstein 2-roller for Christmas. Boy what a grind that thing puts out-can't wait to check efficiency on this one,I milled at the factory setting- seems real good to me(we'll see at sparge time). This is my 1st stout attempt,I'm hoping it goes smoothly. I'll post updates as this batch progresses. Shane
You'll like that CrankandStein. I have a 3 roller CrankandStein and it works great. You are now addicted to AG!
Yeah Avid,it wasn't hard.... I went straight to A.G. after my first extract brew(lager)-It turned out great but the thought of a possible boil-over every time I brewed just wasn't good. A.G. seemed the/and is the only way to go. I built two keggles,my own burner(s),a mash tun,the upper hopper(sheet stainless) and lower bucket adapter for the mill, a wort chiller, a hop bag ring to set on keggle top. I really like the "make it at home" approach with both the beer and the equipment to brew it. Now on to engineering and building my brew sculpture(this spring). I enjoy the challenges this hobby gives. Shane
Well the yeast gods have looked upon me and have approved-This batch of stout has the "yeasties" really happy and we're under full tilt fermentation as I type. Just about 3/4" light krausen on top and a busy air lock,as luck would have it I didn't need a blow off tube.
What surprises me is that I followed the instructions on the Safale 04 package(1st time using) and just sprinkled the yeast onto the cooled wort(yep no starter).

Just thought I'd post an update. Shane
Sorry I didn't post better as this one progressed,This one fermented out as it should,was left in primary for a couple weeks.I kegged this one,added carbo sugar and left sit for a week,I put 'er in the kegorator and chilled under 10psi co2,then hooked up my nitrogen bottle set the reg.to 30psi and let it flow(thru the beautiful gold plated stout tap) and "Holy freakin'wow" what a beer. This one cascades beautifully,tastes absolutely fantastic-almost like a coffee stout.The beer gods have shone on me.....(really proud of myself). Just thought I'd post a follow-up,Oh almost forgot-I brewed an ale a few weeks ago-that's hooked up too---->Now on to quaffen a few<---- Shane