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Jan 1, 2015
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Hi everyone,
I am quite new to home brewing but i have now made 3 batches of beer using kits from my local home brew shop which all surprisingly tasted great!
Im ready to take the next step and make beer from a recipe and since i love rogue dead guy i have found a clone recipe I'm going to attempt.

A family friend has given me his unused 60L (15gallons) conical fermentor so i am excited to try using that.

I live in australia so our weather is quite hot at the moment. The recipe says i need to ferment at 16° C (60° F ). Basically i would like to know how i can keep the fermenter at 16° C (60° F ) when room temperature will most likely be around 22° C and higher when we have heat waves.

Also, i have about $300 i have set aside to spend on some more equipment so i am thinking of buying an urn to make my wort, any recommendations? or should i spend the money elsewhere?

Cheers :mug:

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Sep 6, 2011
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Isla Negra
One of the easiest ways to control the fermentation temperature, especially with a fermentor that size, is by using an upright freezer and an electronic temp controller. You can find commercially made ones as well as DIY right here on HBT.

Before spending money on brewing equipment, you might check the sub-forum under All Grain Brewing named BIAB. It is the least expensive way to get into all grain brewing, and is very popular in Australia, where it originated.

Welcome to a great hobby!