A few questions before my first brew

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Dec 11, 2009
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I've been reading the forums for awhile and am finally getting the chance to get to brew this weekend. I am hoping to do a PM of Jamil's chocolate hazelnut porter. I've found the recipe here and it reads:

6 gallons

7.8 lbs English Pale LME
1.0 lb Munich LME
1.0 lb Crystal 40
1.0 lb Crystal 80
.75 lb Chocolate Malt (350L)
.5 lb Black Patent Malt (525L)
.5 lb Cocoa Powder (unsweetened), 1 min
.5 oz Hazelnut Extract, at bottling (add half first, then adjust to taste)
1.25 oz Kent Goldings 5%AA 60 min
.8 oz Willamette 5%AA 30 min
.8 oz Willamette 5%AA 15 min
.4 oz Kent Goldings 5%AA 0 min
.4 oz Willamette 5%AA 0 min
WLP001 (2.5 vials), Wyeast 1056 (2.5 packages), or Safale S-05 (13 grams), or equivalent starter

1) If I follow the steps outlined here, PM guide, should it turn out okay?

2) For the hops added at flameout, how long are the hops supposed to be in the wort before they are filtered out? My understanding on procedure is after flameout, the wort is transferred to the fermentation vessel, and during this transfer all the hops and such are strained out. This seems like not enough time for the flameout hops to add any flavor.

3) Is it a solid plan to steep at 155 for an hour, and boil for an hour

I am a noob, sorry if these questions are well... noobish


I use secondaries. :p
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Sep 8, 2005
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1) Yup. I think DeathBrewer's PM instructions are good, but (to me) makes it seem a little too involved. But, if you follow those instrcutions it will be good for sure. You can also be a little less strict and it will still be good. :D

2) When I add flame-out hops, I leave it in there the entire time I am cooling my wort with an immersion chiller. Since you probably don't have one of those as a beginner, then I would let those hops sit in there with the heat off for a good 10 or 15 minutes before doing anything with the wort.

3) Yup.