A Few Cider Questions

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Sep 23, 2010
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First things first:
LONG time reader, first time poster and thanks to the information on these boards, I have my first gallon of cider in bottles (and it's mighty tasty), so thank you all.

I started 5 individual gallons on 9-17-10, all used the same pasteurized cider from a local orchard. Each one has it's own yeast strain and each with it's own initial ingredients...from un-messed-with to a few with added brown sugar and cinnamon etc. I can post detailed specs on each, but wasn't sure if I should do that in this thread or start a separate one. I digress...

Question 1:
On one of the gallons, I added some very nice tart cherry juice to top off the carboy after it had been racked to a secondary and tested a few times, just to fill some of the head space. The OG was 1.070, when I added the cherry juice SG was 1.026, and it currently sits at 1.004. I failed to take SG when I added the cherry and now don't know how that affected all of my gravity readings and final ABV. Hoping someone could help me with this. I still have plenty of said cherry juice by itself that I can get SG on if need be.
(Side note, this stuff tastes amazing after gravity/sampling today)

Question 2:
One of the gallons used Wyeast 3787 Trappist, and had an OG of 1.081. It currently sits at 1.034. After the initial krausen died off, it started to form a new "head" and then it will dissipate. This is on an 80 minute cycle. I can set an alarm to it, and it is always within 90 seconds of that 80 minute cycle. This has gone on now for ~4days, and although I am in no way worried, I am extremely curious as to what is causing this.

Any and all help is appreciated.


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Oct 14, 2007
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Charlottesville, VA
I believe the only way you're going to answer question #1 is to measure the sg of the cherry juice. Then its just a matter of what percentage is the 1.070 juice and which percentage is the cherry juice. That is your average OG. Subtract your final gravity to calculate the abv

The only time that I have seen krausen come and go like that has been using wheat yeasts, in which case the krausen builds and falls with the temps. But that is a daily cycle. I'm not sure what would make it cycle every 80 min