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May 23, 2021
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I am working on the layout of a compact, stack able and portable-ish brew stand(s). I say STANDS because i am thinking that if i can build 3 identical stands i could stack them in the corner to take up less space. I say portable because because if I wanted to take one stand with me, say camping, I could easily do that for heating bath water or making huge amounts of coffee or whatever, ya know? just a thought, i don't actually have time to ever go camping so kind of a wasted thought lol.

This is a crude drawing. Since i am pure crap at cutting tube on my chop saw, i am sending this to the local metal supply shop, they have a CNC tube cutter. this way i will get exact cuts the first time and i will hopefully not need to spend more time and $$ making another one. They will cut the materials at a reasonable rate and I will weld it. I am planning 1.5 inch mild steal .083 thickness. The metal is this configuration should be plenty strong enough for the stand and it is fairly cheap. Maybe later if this works out good i will rebuild it using stainless.

I have 2 pumps and a lot of fittings. I will need to figure out some sort of pump mount and a manifold for the propane. I would like to do a single propane tank but supply all 3 burners with proper valves. I am using the BG-14? 10 inch banjo burners, and i am going to have wind shields laser cut at the same time. I know some of you will be thinking that this is frivolous spending, but I really honestly do not have the time to do the hard work myself. if i want it done in a timely fashion i gotta pay to get it done. yeah there is probably a cheaper way to do it, but i am thinking one and done.

Anybody see any issues with this set up? Any input, good bad or ugly is appreciated. thanks


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