A.B clone with Hop Shots

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Sep 8, 2012
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Junction City
I brewed my first batch with a Hop Shot a couple of weeks ago and just kegged it today. I've made this same recipe probably about 40-50 times, each time exactly the same (with the exception of water). This time I used the full 10ml Hop Shot as lately I've tried to bump up my bitterness a bit. This time the finished beer came out very cloudy, whereas it's typically quite clear. Has anyone else found that the Hop Shots change the clarity? I actually ran this batch through a filter (which I haven't used in years) to try to improve the clarity.

My recipe was:

13# 2 Row
1.25# Special B
2 Cups Oatmeal
10ml Hop Shot at 60 min
2oz Chinook at flameout

I used S-05 yeast and added 2oz of Chinook dryhop at 7 days for 7 days. I started fermenting at 63 and bumped up 2 degrees every 2 days. I started at 1.076 and ended up at 1.008 for around 8.8% ABV.

Any ideas on why the clarity was off on this batch is appreciated.