90 min boil

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Several reasons come to mind including to reduce the volume to get a desired gravity and when using a malt loaded with a DMS percuser (sp) like pilsner malt, the 90 minute boil is helpful.
Perhaps it is used to make the final beer darker in colour.
Just some off the top of my head.

Almost forgot to mention getting more from your hops.
I've done 90 minute boils on many of my beers since going all grain. Partly to help get the final volume down near 5 gallons on some of my bigger beers or to help reduce DMS precursors when using a lot of pilsner malt.

It's also sometimes used for malt-heavy beers like scottish ales, where the longer boil promotes maltiness through maillard reactions (and also caramelization)
Usually the longer boils reduce the volume substantially. They also lead to darker color worts (milliard reactions). I, like all the others, do long boils to reduce wort volume.