83% eff. Finally some sucess

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Jul 3, 2007
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Chicago, Il.
I have been brewing all grain for 6 months now and have been stuck at 60 to 65% eff. I finally got my barley crusher which brought me up to 70%. I was expecting better results. I went all out with a big RIS 1.11 OG. I know with a big grain bill u lose some eff. So I split it into my 5 and 10 gal cooler. This way I did a full mash out. Let sit 15 minutes this was after I upped my 60 min rest to 90 min. Lost a bit of temp. Sparge with a full sparge and had 15 gallons pre boil. I know this is crazy but I had the day off a 2 propane tanks so I boiled for 4 hrs. I upped my grain bill to make up for eff and actually hit higher than the 75% for the recipe. I boiled down a bit less and made 6 gallons of this black beauty at 1.115 ish OG. IF I boiled down to 5 gallons this would have been 14% ABV. :cross:

Long story but wanted to share a bit of all grain success finally. :ban:

I think once u get everything dialed in it makes all the difference. This big beer was blowing off at 2 HRS!!!! yikes

Things that helped my eff:
1. full mash out and let sit 15 min
2. full sparge split into 2 let each sit 15 min
3. barley crusher:rockin:
4. not sure if it did much but 90 min rest(I had the time)

Thanks, It does feel good. Because it makes all the reading and learning feel as if it has finally worked.

With an OG of 1.12 and estimate final gravity of 1.024ish. I will probably leave in priamry 2 weeks and secondary 4 weeks. Bottle and wait at the very least a month before I taste. I should age a year before it gets great. It probably will be great for next winter. I have i higher IBU of about 90. Lots of choc. and dark malt..should be a very complex beer. This is Russian Unoradox Stout from the database. I just changed the hops a bit.