800ml bottle Priming sugar amount?

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Oct 15, 2004
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Hey all, me and a mate have recently started homebrewing and are on to our 5th batch. We have aquired a heap of 800ml bottles though and as we usually use the sugar drops (the lolly type things) to prime them, we aren't sure what to do since you are supposed to put in 2 drops for about 740ml - 750ml bottles. If we put in 2 drops will it be OK? Or is there a much more accurate method we can use
Why not prime the whole batch after syphoning into a primary all at once and then bottle
You can do it either way. I'm doing my first bottling today, and will dissolve 85 grams (3 oz) of sugar in a cup of boiling water, let it cool and add it to my bottling bucket. When I siphon my wort into the bottling bucket, and then stir it gently to mix it, I'll then bottle. I hemmed and hawed over which way to do it, but this seems the most elegant to me. Just seems like more of a hassle with more chance of spillage to add sugar to each bottle. But maybe next time I'll add to the bottles just to see.
never hear of that im use to only priming when you go to bottle the beer.

It's considered to be bulk priming and I hope my conversions to metric are on:)

You would measure 28 grams (1oz) of corn sugar per 3.79L (1 gallon)
Dissolve the sugar into .24L (1 cup) of boiling water, cool and add to sanitized bottling bucket. Rack beer onto the sugar syrup. When complete, give a gentle stir with sanitized spoon to ensure good mix and then proceed to bottle.
Bulk priming is the way to go. Boil your bottling sugar (corn sugar, table sugar, whatever) in a small amount of water - a cup or two - for a couple of minutes. Pour this in the bottling bucket. No need to worry about cooling it.

Rack the beer on top. The swirling action will mix it nicely for you.

Bottle and cap. No need to worry about how much sugar per bottle; the uniform mix means that each bottle will be right, no matter how large or small the bottle is. Also, it's far less hassle and mess.
I used Coopers carb drops for my first batch (came with the kit) but in my area they are hard to get and cost prohibitive. The next couple of batches I primed each bottle with a measured amount of dextrose, that was a pain in the ass. I've moved on to bulk priming and for my circumstances its the best method (and it allows a high level of control and precision).

Having said that, if carbs drops were available and cheap I'd probably use them a lot of the time. It would speed up the bottling process and leave me with less gear to clean because I'd bottle directly from the primary fermenter (Cooper's DIY).

If you already have a lot of carb drops or just want to continue using them then prime the 800ml bottles the same as you would the 750ml bottle (assuming you are happy with the carbonation level you were getting using 2 drops per 750ml). I can't see an extra 50ml making a huge difference. The 2 drops per 750ml is a pretty generic guideline anyway and ignores a lot of factors (style of beer for instance).