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Jul 28, 2008
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West Chester, PA
Ok, I don't have the magic potion of 7 beers for 7 days to ween someone off Miller Lite, but that is my self assigned lofty goal. It's a challenge, but I want to try and my friend would be willing. So here's what I'm thinking and I need some input, please help.

I would like to provide my friend with a beer a day to taste, in an effort to ween him off his staple of Miller Lite. I'm thinking about including the BJCP style guidelines for each beer rubberbanded to the bottle. Not all of it, but just the style that would be applicable to that day's brew. I also would trim it down a bit so as not to bog him down with to much info. This is an experiment, so my question for everyone is what 7 beers in 7 days???

Do you think I go light to dark or is that to much for a sissy beer drinker at once, maybe go pilsner through to? yet nothing that would be to hop forward, I know that would be to much for him. I do know he's not scared of color, I've served him an oatmeal coffee stout I brewed and he really enjoyed it!

So, what would you supply for the seven days? Feel free to name breweries or just styles, either one is fine.

hmmm, if he isn't scared of color, and he liked your stout, i'd just find 7 beers of all different styles. not sure what you have around you locally, but i'd say English Bitter, Stout, American Pale Ale, IPA, Wheat, ummm, others might be able to fill in the two beers i'm short haha.
Well, start light (Blondes, wheat/wit) then go to more hoppy ones (pales) then slowly get darker (ambers - browns - porter) Iwould stay away from IPA's for now. And if you go for a stout, get it at a bar that serves in with Nitrogen.
Personally, I'd stay away from the hoppy stuff until later. My progression went something like this:

Bud Light > Wheat Beers (Boulevard Unfiltered) > Darker Lagers (Dos Equis Amber) > Brown Ales (Newcastle) > Stouts (Guinness/Beamish) > Pale Ales > Just about anything I can get my hands on.

Hops are definitely an aquired taste, and if you start him off too heavy on the hops he may not keep going. I'd save the pale ales until the end (and choose a fairly mild one at that), and I would completely avoid IPAs for now.

Good luck :)
Supply me with beer and you can ween me off of this home brew stuff!!!

Uhhhh... for 7 days at least.
You gotta find out what they dont like. Roasted, hoppy, funky, bland, rich...

When I was hangin out with Felix the dwarf at the san fran Rouge Pub... only thing he liked was BMC or QUAD!!! Go figure! HA!
He's already inundated with lagers so nix those.

Cream Ale, Koelsch, Blonde Ale, English Bitters, American Pale Ale, Porter, Belgian Dubbel.

As for breweries or recommended commercial versions...go to BeerAdvocate - Respect Beer. and search by the above listed styles for the best rated beers.

Brooklyn Lager is a great transition. It has a nice little hop bite but still has that familiar lager taste. IMO it is a perfect transition beer.