60F is too cold for S-04 and Montrachet yeast, isn't it?

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Aug 2, 2007
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I let my fermenter temp get below 64F, did I just ruin the batch? Can I restart fermentation by bringing the temp back up?

The Safale S-04 was used in a big, dark ale.

The Montrachet (Red-Star) was used in EdWort's Apfelwein.

If I did kill the buggers, could I just toss more of them in once I reach 68ish?
64 is no problem for yeast. he!! right now im keeping my house at 65 or so to keep a temps to ferment my wievens. just try to keep a steady temp and everything will be ok :ban:
Most yeast manufacturers have all the specs for their products right on their websites. Here's the page for Red Star's Montrachet. Here's the info page for Fermentis yeasts.

That said, all you have to do is determine the recommended temp range for the yeast and try to stay at a temp in that range consistently.

Your batch couldn't be killed by only reaching 60ºF, but that might be on the low side of the range. Also be aware that the ambient temp of the room doesn't reflect the actual temp in the fermenter, which can be a number of degrees higher depending on the activity of the fermentation.

you're fine. i ferment all my brews in the mid 60s, some in the low 60s....it just might take longer. once it warms up, lightly swirl to rouse them (if necessary)
The owner at my LHBS swears by Safale and uses them all the time and he says they can be taken down to Lager temps, he says there brute and can take anything.
I had a batch with s-04 fall out and stop at about 58 degrees for a couple of days. oops. Kicked back up when I warmed it up a bit.
The owner at my LHBS swears by Safale and uses them all the time and he says they can be taken down to Lager temps, he says there brute and can take anything.
I to have this luck. S-04 is fermenting right now at 55F, but I have had it lower. The Key is slowly bring it down at the beginning of the ferment, The interior of the wort stays a little warmer, but not much. I get a crisp, clean, and dryer taste at the lower temps. On the other end though in the warmth, S-04 produces some very nice esters. Not strong, just pleasant. S.
The S-04 is kicking my beer's ass right now. It was started at 58 degrees ambient, but at high kreusen it reached 68-70 degrees on the carboy thermo. This stuff is voracious.
I've had no problems with Montrachet yeast and Apfelwine and my ambient temperature at night in my house is in the 50's... and does not heat up past 65 during the day.
Just ask my husband... he'll testify to being constantly cold.
My first batch of Apfelwein (using Red Star Montrachet) was always above 70. Tasted great. I did however, play it Jawbox through headphones for a few hours... kinda like you're supposed to do with fetuses, but Mozart.

I moved both batches up on to four glossy magazines each, and they're now in the 63-65F range.

Brew day was Dec 27th so I'm gonna bottle in the middle of the second week of February.
I actually had two batches fermenting with the S04 and the yeast dropped out at 62 degrees and gravity didn't drop for 4 consecutive days. Both FG's where a little on the high side but nothing too bad..I am thinking that it is certainly best to keep this stuff between 65-72 degrees or so for maximum attenuation and a healthy ferment.

I slowly warmed both batches back up and swirled them..plenty of airlock activity for a week, but the gravity never changed in either. Two batches of 1.063 OG stuck at 1.020 or so.