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What kind of setup are you looking for? I have it all. Extract, partial mash, all grain sizes sets.

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Nov 20, 2013
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Holds 6-5gallon ball lock kegs, 6-way gas manifold leading to your choice of (either/both) 20lb or 5lb CO2 tanks on a reg.

My father and I learned to Home Brew together. From there we teamed up to engineer an epic home brewing facility! His basement looks like heaven to a fellow home brewer with beakers, carboys, mash tun and hot liquor tanks lining the walls, all connected by a homemade brewing control panel. After that baby was installed a brew day became safer and more efficient. It almost felt like cheating! But being able to kick back, press buttons and watch pumps and heating elements mash grain, transfer, boil wort, alarm when its time for hops, then transfer directly into the ferm. chamber without us touching the product( pouring, straining, lautering, etc.) was too sweet to stick to the 'old ways' of all grain brewing as a principle.
Alas, I come to my point. I feel an explanation is required as to why I am selling pieces or sets of equipment. My father is sick, and we are without the capability to do things the way we used to. Between the two of us we have ten taps!
The sheer quantity of brewing equipment we have amassed is staggering. What better way to ease financial burdens of ill-health than by passing some of our love of brewing to someone looking to expand or start their journey?
All items come with my guarantee that you will be satisfied with the product as well as the assistance we will provide you in setting up your new station to fit your needs.

My account will be populated with what's for sale, so keep checking in or follow this thread! You can also reach out to me personally at the Email listed below. This is my flagship, introductory posting. ALL PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE. They need to go to a good home, and any questions on setup or improvement I will be expecting to help out with, either by phone or in person if distance allows.

I'll be posting more on the sets and pieces we have available soon, but In the meantime feel free to contact me with any questions regarding what might be the best fit for you, your work space and your brewday time constraints. My E-mail is [email protected].
I am looking forward to discussing your next step in your homebrewing journey!

Cheers, folks!
Slainté M'hath

-Thomas the Draughtengine
Located in North Reading, MA.
[email protected]
Travel and/or delivery logistics will be my first priority for you.

Second will be your satisfaction with the product.

Finally, your setup will meet your needs and wants, whether that means expanding your boil capacity, getting more consistent brew processes in place, increasing brew day/fermentation efficiency, or whatever your goals may be, I am here to help YOU grow your love of our shared craft.


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