50% OFF Peach Wine Base with Insane Wizard Berliner Kit Purchase!

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Mar 13, 2021
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Sparks, NV
Hey HBT Fam!

This week through April 19th, get 50% OFF Vintner's Harvest Peach Wine Base when you purchase the Insane Wizard Berliner Weisse Recipe Kit! Use code 'PeachBerliner' at checkout while supplies last!

With the weather warming up and great Wyeast and White Labs Vault Lacto and sour blends like WLP631 available, we decided that it's time to get summer sours brewing! We've made some pretty stellar berliners using this wine base, and the peach was one of the best by far, so we wanted to share it so that everyone could try it! If you want to add some more peach or mix in some apricot, we've also got a great article, Using Fresh Fruit In Beer, on our BrewCranium blog!

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