50 min. hop boil???

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Oct 10, 2007
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Hey there. I have a few questions-

what are your thoughts on not boiling hops for the full boil? I was thinking about doing a 90 minute boil for my next brew but adding hops with 50 minutes left. Any thoughts?

how about using an ale yeast for a doppelbock or imperial helles? I dont have the ability to lager anything, so i was thinking about using an ale/lager blended yeast (like wlp080 cream ale blend) to acheive some lager characteristics.

finally, heres the recipe- can you give me any thoughts/criticisms please? Thanks!

4.25# American Vienna
5# English Wheat
3.75# Munich
1.5# Caramunich III
1.5# Belgian Pils
3# Amber DME

.75oz Centennial (10%) @50minutes
.5oz Willamette (5%) @15minutes
.5oz Willamette (5%) @ 1minute

WLP080 Cream Ale Blend
WYeast 1007 German Ale

Thanks everyone!! (I'm pretty new at this so all help is greatly appreciated!)
Go right ahead and do it. The only thing you get out boiling hops for more than about 20 minutes or so is increased utilization. You'll need to use a little more hops to get the same IBUs that you would get from a 60 minute boil, and you can use software to calculate that difference.

One of the big brewing fashions right now is later and larger hop additions for bitterness.

The max extraction of bitternees from any hop is at 60 mins. You can boil it for 3 hours and it will not get any more bitter (keeping the same amount of water present in the pot).

The only reason you see people boiling longer is to reduce the water volume.