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Feb 20, 2007
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Well first off I grew a hop garden last year in North FL and had pretty good success only had one plant die and the rest all had a fairly decent yield at the end of the season. Had problems with june bugs and mites though but they still produced Hops.

Im in the navy and got orders to Virginia and I didnt want to leave my hard worked hops in FL with no one to take care of them so I transplanted them into pots untill I figured out how I was going to plant them in my new place. Being on a tight budget and not knowing how long we would be in this rental property I deceided to go with Half whiskey barrels and grow them up the side of the house, since it was 2 stories.

Well after searching whiskey barrel prices and not wanting to pay more than 20$ each and with no time to wait for some to pop up on craigslist I was kinda in a pickle. I searched for a cheaper alternitive and was going to use the square rubbermade containers from walmart but went agaisnt it since they are pretty ugly lol, so I decided to just buy the whiskey barrels one at a time and hope for the best!

While I was at home depot today I found a cheaper alternitive! 5$ plastic half barrels!!! I bought 10 bags of cow manure, 1 bag of mulch and 3 plastic barrels. all for around $50 bones!!! (I forgot I had 4 hop plants though so I have to go back and get another barrell and some more cow poo lol) here are some pics from last year and this year.



*was just looking at 2008 pictures and remebered that when I dug them up I cut the centennel root and planted 2. So last year was Magnum, Cascadex2 and centenniel, this year will be Magnum, Cascadex1 and Centenielx2 :) Enjoy!

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