5 or 10 gallon batch?

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Jan 29, 2008
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Cincinnati, Ohio
I am in the process of converting kegs that I've purchased into keggles in order to brew 10 gallon batches soon and was wondering if I can still brew 5 gallon batches in these converted kegs from time to time as well or if I will need to hang on to all of the equipment that I have now to brew occasional 5 gallon batches.

Thanks for the input and help.
Thanks for the reply. I figured so but thought I'd ask a dumb question rather than no question at all and find out too late that I might be wrong.

I am planning on putting the thermometers just about the drain spigot to ensure they are low enough.
I actually put my thermos very close to the same height as the drain bulkhead. There's no reason they have to be vertically in line with each other.

Thanks Bobby_M! I really like that setup and have been checking out several pics to try and find out how I want to build some sort of sculpture for all of this. I'm really torn on what to do I guess b/c there seems to be so many different set ups and comments on what works best and what doesn't. Anyways, if you've got any suggestions I'm all ears but at the very least thanks for your input on this. I like the thermometers that low and will use that design I think.