5 gallon batches of beer in 14 gallon Blichmann Fermenator w/cooling system

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Nov 4, 2013
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Hello all, technical question for anyone with experience with the Blichmann conical.

I like to brew and keg 5 gallon batches of beer at a time so I can rotate through different recipes, but I have a cider I like to keep on draft all the time. I'm looking at buying a Blichmann Fermentator, and for the few extra bucks was wondering if its worth getting the 14 gallon version and fermenting 10 gallon batches of cider at a time. My main concern is that brewing in Virginia I'd like to use the cooling system, and I'm not sure if the coils for the 14 gallon will reach into the wort if I only fill it up halfway.

Can anyone help me figure out the minimum volume for the 14 gallon fermenator with cooling system? Thanks!

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