5 gal Brew Equipment in WA

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Aug 26, 2018
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Home Brew Equipment https://imgur.com/gallery/VuM9MyF

I am exiting the homebrew hobby due to health reasons and will have to stick to a homebrew sampling career.

Willing to make a deal and meet anywhere in the I-5 corridor from Portland, OR up to the Canadian border. I am in Redmond, WA.

The pictures in the link include everything for sale, would like to get $300 for the kit. I have a propane burner stand that I was going to hold on to unless we want to work that into a deal.

I also have a bunch of bottles and 6 pack cardboard holders the buyer is welcome to. Although most of the bottles have a type of Hefe in them at the moment.

Let me know if you have any questions, thanks for looking.

Home Brew Equipment https://imgur.com/gallery/VuM9MyF