4th Batch, Rasberry Cream Ale. Couple Q's

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Jun 5, 2005
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I picked up a Rasberry Cream Ale kit (well we had to pull the ingredients together) and I'm boiling it as we speak.

It called for cascade bittering and fugile finishing hops. Yet, while thumbing through the ingredients I accidently picked up 2 fugile hops. Bittering hops largely boils away in the boil, I thought. Will my woody fugile bittering hops change the taste of the beer noticeably, or is it a very subtle difference ?

I also forgot to grab priming sugar, not an immediate concern, but could I use Corn Sugar as a replacement? Again is this much of a difference? And if corn sugar (or is it starch?) is fine, how much? 5oz? boil it in one cup of water before racking the same as priming sugar?

Finally, I have a 4oz vial of unsweetened rasberry juice from the homebrew store as well. Anyone go crazy and use 6,7,8 oz? I really want a demanding fruitiness about the brew. As a side note, I've heard others that use a few pounds of juice puree? What is the difference between my vial and a large amount of puree?

Alot of questions there, thanks for any help guys.