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Missouri 4 tap keezer and brewery closeout

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Jun 5, 2010
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Here is a link to my craigslist add..please text or email. Thanks!


I am moving onto another hobby and need to sell my 4 tap kegerator and all of my home brewing equipment. The kegerator is built out of a new GE 7.0 chest freezer from home depot. Just adding up the bigger items there would be about a $2000 investment to get the materials to get started. I would like to get $1200 for all my brewing related equipment.
Here is a partial list of what is included:
Kegerator consists of the Freezer, Co2 tanks, regulator, temp control, shanks, perlick faucets, and kegs.

Ge Freezer-229
2 full 5lb. Co2 tanks-124
Taprite dual regulator-100
Johnson controls temperature control-55
4 5"SS shanks-120
3way distributor-37
3 525ss Perlick faucets-120
1 575ss Perlick faucet-45
8 Ball lock kegs-480
2 Ball lock kegs(for parts)-free
50' copper immersion chiller-70
10 gallon mash tun-150
Dual stir plate with 4 stir bars-80
2 3000ml erlenmeyer flasks-52
Bottle tree-20
Fermentation chamber(modified mini fridge) with digital temp control-60
Barley crusher with 7 lbs. hopper-139
3 Ale pale fermenters-30
1 Ale pale bottling bucket-10
1 Better Bottle fermenter-25
5 gallon glass carboy-35
Brewing Classic Styles book-10
Bottle capper-17

Also included will be about 80 Pounds of grain including specialty grains and around 8 pounds of hops that have all been stored sealed in a deep freezer.
This is just a partial list also included are hydrometers, ph strips, chemicals, auto syphon, and all the bottles you want, etc.
The prices were just to show approximate value. I would like to sell all together but may split up the brewing and kegerator if the offer is good enough.

Call or text with any questions. (660) 95six-2six58. Thanks!


Sep 27, 2013
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I'm interested in 3 kegs I will be in the area on Tuesday

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