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Withdrawn 4 tap Keezer $600 / kegerator

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Jan 20, 2013
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Elk Grove, CA
4 Tap Keezer - $600

Fully assembled, ready to go. I am not willing to break up; I need the space and don’t use this anymore. One quick sale is my goal.

  • Magic Chef Freezer, built Sept 2018. 7.0 cu feet, model HMCF7W3
  • 7.5 inch wooden collar, caulked to top, some cracking
  • USB fan
  • Inkbird Temp Control
  • 4 stainless intertap front sealing faucets, KL00970. Also includes stout attachment
  • 4 3.5 or 4 inch (not sure which) stainless shanks and tail pieces
  • 1 20 pound c02 tank with regulator
  • 1 small nitro tank with regulator
  • 1 tapright 4x manifold with individual control and gauges
  • 2 fairly new (2-3 years) half (2.5 gallon) corny kegs, ball lock
  • 2 OLD full (5 gallon) corny kegs, ball lock. Hold pressure and work as they should
  • All kinds of hoses, fittings, o-rings, ball lock connectors, clamps, drip tray, and other hardware. I am putting all of my extra pieces I’ve collected over the years in here. You will be ready to go!
  • Located in Elk Grove, CA (just south of Sacramento).
front.jpeg co2.jpeg emptyinside.jpeg Faucet.jpeg hose.jpeg inkbird.jpeg inside.jpeg keg.jpeg nitro.jpeg shank.jpeg tray.jpeg

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