4-Day Warm-Up for Wyeast Smack-Pack Starter?

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Iowa Brewer

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Sep 14, 2018
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Hey all,

Going to brew a witbier on Sunday and read the following on BrewCabin:

Note: If you’re using yeast with an inner nutrient packet, take it out of the fridge about four days before brew day, and burst it by squeezing the inner packet. Shake it up and let it rest overnight in a warm place until the packet has fully swollen.

Have any of you done this? Four days seems like a LONG time to leave a yeast pack on the counter.

Also, how long would you start your starter before brew day?
I'm thinking of doing the following:
1) Pitching and putting it on the stir plate, tomorrow, Tuesday evening
2) Putting in fridge to decant on Thursday morning (36hrs)
3) Pitching decanted starter on Sunday, noon

Any hitches I might not be seeing in that plan?
Only leave it out for 4 days if your looking to redecorate with a beer inspired theme.