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For Sale $300 for early Brew Boss system

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BIAB, electric brewing, 5.5 yrs
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Nov 11, 2010
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Glen Ellyn
Bought this in Sept. 2014. Has worked well for me (6-10 batches/year), and still works fine. Have changed to a different electric set up. Originally paid $1100, will let go for $300, with shipping being about another 50. Just need to start clearing out my attic. Here's the description from the original invoice.

240VAC Brew Boss Controllers and Systems
Controller Type: 120VAC Pump Output Plug &
240VAC Brew-Boss Heater Plug
Brew Kettle Size: 15 Gallon
Heater Assembly: 5500 Watt

Note: I'm keeping the basket, so buyer will have to replace that ($61 at Amazon.com)

Note: You'll need a pump, as I'm keeping mine, which didn't come with the kit anyway. I've had it for some years.

I have an electronic file of the manual for this version. I can send a copy upon request.

Includes my old Android (from about 2013, not pictured), which runs the Brew Boss program. Still works; I pretty much dedicated it to Brew Boss. So not sure how many newer programs work on it. But Brew Boss does, as does Firefox, etc.

Will ship: e.g. 2 day priority mail from my home town (Wheaton IL) to Denver would be about $51. Just to get a ball park Everything weighs about 25lbs, and the box would be 19x16x16 (approx!).




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