3 workday brewing session: All-day mash, boil, ON chill

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Oct 27, 2017
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Hello everyone,

Is it possible to split one brewing session in 3 during the week (and obtain good results)?
I'm home and awake 08:00-10:00 and 20:00-00:00.

I'm thinking:
day 1, night: weigh grains, mill them, put in cooler, gather water.
day 2, morning: heat water, mash in, leave mash during the day
day 2, night: sparge, boil 1 hour, chill overnight in the sink (using icepacks?), possibly wash and clean
day 3, morning: transfer to carboy, pitch
day 3, night: wash and clean
(Of course I have things to do as well in-between, like breakfast, shower, diner, etc)

I brew 1 gallon batches on my stove (small apartment), and chill the whole kettle on an ice bath
grain weighing, crushing, 1h mash in a small cooler, batch sparge, 1h boil, 45 min chill, wort to carboy, cleaning, all in all I spend 5-6 hs usually.

So what do you think?

I've read about people using ON mash, I've read the brulosophy xbmnt, they got better efficiency and higher fermentability apparently.. not sure how to manipulate this in an ON mash.
I've read about no-chill brewing, not exactly the same I proposed, I'd be leaving the hot wort in contact with the trub, hops and all much longer I guess..

There may be room for some variation, maybe transferring the hot wort to the carboy? (but I use a regular 10 liter kitchen pot, glass carboy, and autosiphon, so I'm not sure how I'd do it..)
Or perhaps trying at first to quickly chill the wort to some extent, then leaving it overnight in a water bath with ice packs.. just for the extended hops contact time I'm saying..

Any suggestions? Any other issues with this?
I'm somewhat worried about contamination..
And as you may guess, I know there are some other things to try to save time, like
-short & shoddy methods
-buying a chiller
but for the time being at least I'm not planning on trying them, either for practical reasons or for wanting to continue with a... classical method.. I guess.. ignoring the part where I want to split it into a 24-48h brewing session..

So.. what do you think?


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Jan 9, 2013
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Pasadena, MD
Breaking your brew day up into 3 sessions the way you outlined is A-OK!

On your variations, I urge you to never pour hot wort, or any other hot liquid, into a (glass) carboy. Thermal stresses may crack it outright, or sever the bottom from the jug above. The gallon jugs are a bit more resilient than larger glass vessels, but there's always that real risk. Even an invisible hair fracture will surprise you with it's special effects later...

Regarding chilling, you'll get a lot more mileage out of your ice if after the boil you put the pot in a sink or tub with cold water first. I use a plastic dishwashing tub when making starter wort, typically a 3/4 - 1 gallon at a time. Stir the water periodically use a small pump to recirculate, it will chill faster. Refresh that water 2 or 3 times, after it gets hot. You could reuse that hot water for cleanup. Then when it's around 100-120F, fill again with cold water and add a few ice packs or frozen water bottles.

If you get your timing right, it only takes another 10 minutes to pour your wort into your fermentor, aerate/oxygenate and pitch the prepared yeast. You're now a day ahead of schedule!


Oct 27, 2017
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Thanks for the answer!
I imagined it's dangerous to pour hot liquid into glass. Guess I'll be leaving it in the kettle then.
I'll try to see how fast I can chill on the same night, but I doubt I could finish chilling, rack, aerate and pitch fast enough that I don't finish quite late, it usually takes me a whole hour to do it properly.