3 weeks ago, a Homebrew Party so Awesome....

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Apr 13, 2006
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It got blogged.

OK, so this was my third year running open brewery party and we hit the highwater mark of over 50 guests. HBT guest from the local area and Tucson and another mod showed up...

Obvious question #1. Where were you and why didn't you know about it?
In the past 2 years I posted it on the general forum and I got very little response from anyone except HBTers I already knew. This year I posted in the BATF groups. So. If you are local to AZ put in a request to join and PM me a brief intro and you get get the scoop in the relevant beer info in the 602.

Also if you do the Twitter, follow me- http://twitter.com/olllllo cause that's what Andy did (more on that later)

If you are not from this area but you travel here, you gotta let me know. That's what Yuri did!

Left to right: Me Grimacing, DesertBrew (Tucson), Yuri_Rage, thorongil, beerthirty aka Sam Elliot, DesertMonkey, coyotlgw. Not pictured wild

Andy is a brewer I know from Twitter and from reading blogs.
Andy's blog post: