3 vessel, 5-10gal, gas or electric setup $1300

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Jun 21, 2008
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Selling my 5-10gal setup as I find myself doing mostly 2.5gal batches in my kitchen or a 1/2bbl-1bbl batch if I want a lot. I have only brewed maybe 5 times on these vessels. They are in like-new condition, no cuts, nicks, dents, dings, scorch marks, or discoloration. They look the same as the day I got them, about a year ago. Has been a great setup, efficiency seems to be around the low 80's.

I have been using 5500w elements and my 50amp control panel from my 1bbl rig, these don't come with it.

These kettles can be used with electric or gas. For an electric set up you will need to supply two heating elements, a controller for one element, and one pump, although two pumps would be better. For gas setup you will need a burner and one pump, although two would be better.

I can throw in an unopened dark star burner that I have and two chugger pumps that don't have the pump heads, motors only. If interested I would be willing to throw in about 8 cases or so of bottles that I no longer use, some of which are new and have never been used. (I can now instead of bottling)

9 gal HLT, volume to the top is about 10 gal

9 gal MT

10" sparge arm

15 gal BK, element sits between the 3 gal and 4 gal marks, volume to the top is about 16 gal

I paid $1603.92 after shipping for the 3 vessels

$1300 firm for vessels (like-new condition), all the necessary valves, triclamps, gaskets, and fittings, two chugger pump motors minus pump heads, dark star burner, and bottles if wanted.

Chiller not included but will throw in for another $100

Not wanting to split up at this time

Located in central IN.

Let me know of any questions you have. Good luck. Cheers!


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