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Pennsylvania 3 Tap Keezer

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Aug 11, 2016
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Recently built this keezer but I must sell due to health situation. My loss is your gain.
This is a well built keezer with lots of extras.
- brand new Insignia 5 cu.ft. refrigerator (purchased new for this build).
- Dimensions: 42.75” high x 29.25 wide x 24” deep (including taps)
- Internal Dimensions: 37” deep x 24” x 14.5” (minus the internal shelf)
- Inkbird temperature Controller (can be upgraded to Johnson A419 for $35.00 additional)
- built with a tall 10” high insulated collar for lots of space and efficiency.
- 2 stainless steel Intertaps with 4” ss shanks.
- 1 chrome stout faucet with 4” chrome shank.
- insulated collar
- 5 pound CO2 tank included (empty but ASTA bros. is 5 minutes from here)
- Taprite main regulator with Y split.
- Taprite dual secondary regulator.
- made to dispense 3 taps at 3 different pressures.
- includes 4 serving lines: 4ft, 6ft, 10ft, 10ft with tails and connectors ready to serve. All the serving lines are Barrier line.
- finish covered with marker board. Attractive enough to have as furniture! No need to hide this in the garage.
- includes 3 homemade chalkboard taps and original black plastic handle taps.
- includes 1 gallon pump bottle style line cleaning set-up.
- includes 1 5”x14” stainless steel drip tray (I never got around to attaching).
- will also include any small operating items I have for this keezer such as keg lube, a party tap setup, extra washers, etc...

Basically, this is everything you will need to get starting kegging and dispensing beer in the comfort of your home.

ASKING: $750/ obo

Shipping is not possible. Must pickup.

Additionally available: 22oz. Stainless steel Nitrogen bottle with Taprite Nitrogen regulator for $130.00. (Not included with keezer and must be purchased separately.)



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