3 Sheeps Cordwalk

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Jan 31, 2022
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Me and my wife are fans of this beer from 3 Sheeps, but it is only a seasonal offering so I'd like to find/develop a recipe to make it myself year round. It is marketed as a "Belgian Style Wheat", but it is far more interesting/tasty than the Blue Moon's of the world. I've only had a couple, but I'm not getting much Belgian influence from yeast (unless the hops are masking it), and the hops are not Belgian inspired (CTZ, Motueka). So I am guessing the grist is why they claim it as BSW. I don't pick up much in the way of coriander, perhaps a bit of orange peel. Has anyone who has tasted this provide some direction?
Alternatively, I'd welcome your favorite Wit/Belgian Wheat recipes. Trying to fit in one last summer brew before fall sets in in WI.