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For Sale 3 Kettle - 30g Propane setup with Custom Brew Stand

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Dec 9, 2022
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I’m making the move from propane to electric, and I have some great items that I no longer need. I’m in Northern Virginia (Woodbridge), but could meet somewhere within a reasonable distance depending on what you are interested in. For the photo, I just set one of the burners on the stand. I can provide additional pics if needed.

  • Custom made, 14-gauge steel, welded brew stand. The unit is 16 x 60, and easily accommodates 3 x 30g kettles. Ridiculously strong, I have had all 3 kettles filled to the 30g mark, and there is zero wobble. When I built it, I added a couple coats of KBS (cast iron) – you can see up top it needs to be washed and recoated. Yeah, it’s a beast, but the casters allow it to roll easily enough so set up and tear down are easy. Originally fir three old school banjo burners – when I upgraded to Hellfire burners, I added the perforated metal tubes to make mounting easier. Today’s cost for the steel alone is insane, but I’d take $350.00.
  • Speaking of Hellfires, I have three excellent units. I don’t have the original legs, because I’m an idiot, but you won’t need them if the units are mounted in the stand. If you haven’t used high pressure propane before, then you are in for a treat. There is absolutely no soot produced by these burners, meaning no more scrubbing the OUTSIDE of your kettles. The flame is clean and efficient, getting to temps faster and holding them without a constant battle. You can see I have removed the burners, but plan to put them back in in the next couple days. The burners run at about 200.00 new, but I’m asking half that. $100.00 each.
  • I built out a single propane manifold so I can connect and control the burners with a single fuel tank. Pretty much just black pipe that I attached to the stand with jumbo pipe clamps. The pipe feeds 3 ports, each with a shut off valve, into a propane hose and then into the propane orifice. I can throw the whole thing in if you want the stand and the burners – or I can try to breakdown all the parts so you can build it out yourself.
  • Kettles … I picked up 3 of the original weldless SS Brewtech 30g kettles in 2014. They were outfitted with 2 ports each, one for the valve and one for a thermometer. They’ve been modified over the years and are now entirely TC. The HLT is still 2 port, MASH has a recirc input port at the top and the boil has a whirlpool port. I use a false bottom in both the mash and boil, so there are two of those. I had custom pickup tubes and a whirlpool tube made by NorCal a couple years ago when I moved to TC. Truth in advertising – these kettles are not showroom condition. When the TC ports were added, the welder didn’t know exactly how to accommodate for the width of the port, and welding pulled some of the metal slightly flat. The beads could be cleaner, and somebody with skill could almost certainly clean those up. I’ve made maybe 50 half BBL batches since I last updated them, and I’ve never had an issue with any of the kettles. I’m asking $100 each.
  • More kettles – I also have a 15g Spike, and 15g SS Brewtech, modified with female NPT fittings. You can thread in a TC adapter, a standard NPT thermometer, threaded valve, whatever you need to connect your fixtures. Both have false bottoms as well. $100 each.
  • Brewer’s Hardware 2” RIMS tube configured with a DERNORD 2 Inch TC 120V 1650W low watt density foldback heating element. This unit is not sufficient to step up your temps, will hold a 20g mash flawlessly, even when the ambient outside temp is in the freezing range. I just flame on the Hellfire to ramp up when needed. This is the best overall mod I’ve made to my hot side process. The RIMS tube attaches to the brew stand with a stainless bracket making it very easy to install/remove. It’s controlled with an Inkbird PID temperature and/or pump controller (IPB-16S). I use my boil kettle to heat my strike water, and then pump the water to the mash tun to dough in. Once the grain is added, I just start the recirc pump and turn on the Inkbird. You’ll see extremely consistent temps for the duration of the mash. New, the RIMS tube is $205, the element is $36.00 and the Inkbird is $123. For the whole setup – $225.00.


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