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For Sale 3 Keggles plus extras

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Jun 30, 2020
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In Temecula, CA

Three Keggles for sale $300

Vessels came from a RIMS brewing system. Includes three electronic temp probes to work with PIDs or automated brewing systems.

Hot Liquor Tank (HLT), Mash Tun (MT), and Boil Kettle (BK) are all mirror polished with welded ports.

Ports are configured with 316 stainless cam lock connectors.

Drain ports are all 3/4” NPT, plumbed to work with center inlet Chugger pumps. Return ports are 1/2” female. Additional 1/2” NPT ports for electronic temp probes.

Hinged NorCal false bottom with two stage wort filtration and pick up tube included.

Additional 316 stainless T’s and cam lock fittings included.

Includes three 3/4” hoses. I'll throw in some brewing hardware to go with it, including an old transfer pump and hoses.

Two lids included.

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