3-1/2 weeks grain to glass plan....

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Dec 22, 2007
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Auburn, WA
Now keep in mind that I only brew ales....APA mostly but I'll throw in an IPA, a porter, a stout, and a hefe every now and then.

My fermentation chamber is an old freezer with a thermostat set to maintain roughly 65 degrees F. I can fit my 6.5 gallon glass carboy, a 5 gallon glass carboy, and a 5 gallon cornie can in there.

My keezer is the 5.3 cu Ft Holiday from Lowes that holds 3 cornies and my 5 lb CO2 tank. I also have a 20 Lb CO2 tank and for now I'm just switching the regulator back and forth.

Right now I have 2 beers on tap... An APA, and a Porter.

And I have one beer that's pretty much done fermenting, (brewed 03/07) and my plan goes something like this...

I'm going to brew another similar APA next Sat (Yoopers in the recipe section) and I'm going to take the batch that's in the big carboy now and rack to a 5 gallon and pitch Yoopers on the cake.... Then the following week I'm thinking I'd put the batch that's in the 5 gallon in a keg, put the Yoop in a 5 gallon and brew another....

So it would be... One week in primary, one week in secondary, one week in keg at 65 degrees... Then crash cool and force carb..... Clean the big guy (my 6.5 gallon carboy) and start the process all over again...

I have nine vessels (1-6.5 gallon carboy, 3-5 gallon carboys and 5-5 gallon cornies) total that I need to fill up and I want to have it done by June....

I know, I know.... RDWHAHB BUT... I have all this storage capacity and now that the holidays, birthdays and other prior obligations are behind me I want to fill them up... I'm thinking I'll only be able to drink MAYBE 3 of those batches by that time. But after this rampage I will only brew when I have an empty vessel....

Ha... Yeah....