2nd batch ever! Couple quick questions

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Dec 10, 2013
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Hey guys I'm real curious about a few things in the loom of my impending brew day I have planned for tomorrow actually. It's batch #2 and I'm still a fish (a rookie as we prison guards say lol) so hopefully I'll get a few wise words from you. Batch 1 was an IPA I really liked, but was a bit too much for a lot of those I shared it with. So batch 2 is gonna be an American wheat, which I think will be great for some early spring bbq's. My main question is: can I boost the abv by adding fruit? Blueberries are what I'm leaning toward. Reviews for this recipe are yielding around 3 to 4 percent, 4 being high.. I'd really like it to be a bit boozier than that, plus I like the idea of a blueberry wheat. Appreciate your time and thoughts!

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Also if anyone has ever done anything like this, how much fruit should I use for a 5 gal batch?? Thanks again!

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I would advise against it if this is batch #2. Let's get the process down with a proven recipe before you start to get adventurous. Just my opinion for a guy with 110 batches under is belt (literally).

Fruit can do all sorts of oddball things to a beer if not done perfectly. It's not like wine which has more ABV. Beer is more delicate.

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But if you were me and gonna try it anyway, you'd hope a seasoned vet could answer a question to help ya out. Haha buddy I'm sure it won't be a five star creation, it's just cold out and I'm bored and wanna try to make something I can show off to the family.

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