2nd AG 10 gal Batch.

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Aug 16, 2008
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Houston, TX
Tommrow my Son, Btrother, and I will do our 2nd AG batch. We are doing a Biegiam Wit again. I named one 5 gal fermenter Belgiam Wite O ring Ale because while I was inserting the air lock the O ring poped out into the wort. This new batch will be called Belgiam Wit Weavle Ale. My grain has weavels in it. Not alot but I have seen more in my old Grape Nuts ceral, Flour, Moto-Meal. Just got it at the LHBS today and while my son was milling it (12 years old) he said that there was bugs in it. I've ate these suckers alive in my ceral befor I realized there were bugs in my sh*t. I will let my LHBS know about it but I will not bithch about it because chances are that he dosen't know about it. I did a search and think I will be OK with my brew session tomrow. I want to hear some new opinions about the subject, and please leave out the smart remarks, because I am brewing in about 8 hrs. I am a guy that jokes alot and has a great sence of humor, but I need to know if I'm OK to go in a few hours.
Thanks Al