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Michigan 240V Mash, RIMs or Boil controller BIAB

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Jul 21, 2011
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Monroe, MI
  • Includes temperature alarm and Water Tight PT-100 RTD Sensor with 1/2" MPT Threads - includes 1.5" TC mount
  • Includes 12' 10 Gauge SJOOW Power Cord, 4 prong dryer plug and 3 Prong twist-lock outlet Dryer plug can be converted to 3 prong, conversion instructions included
  • Controls up to a 5500 Watt element and Compatible with GFCI breakers 240 VAC Mash Tun or RIMS (Recirculation Infusion Mash System) Tube Controller, it's also been used as a boil controller.
  • You will need a 240V, 30 Amp circuit (dryer outlet) to run this controller. The controller also powers smaller wattage 240V elements if you have something smaller in mind for your mash tun or RIMS tube.
  • $300, will entertain reasonable offers
  • Will ship, buyer pays shipping
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