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Iowa 24 Tap, Glycol Ready, Dual Service Tower - $600 + Shipping

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Bryce Brewer

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Feb 12, 2020
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I acquired a 24 Tap, Dual Service Tower from a bar that closed due to COVID. There probably isn't a huge demand for it on the homebrewing side but figured I would let the fine people here have an opportunity if they wanted it for their homebrew club or similar before I list it on eBay. This is made by/sold through American Beverage Equipment Company and I believe is their model number 759NRG-12-4D (759NRG-12-4D - GLYCOL READY - NON NSF - American Beverage Equipment Company). It COULD be their all SS model but I don't know how to tell and will assume they are nickel plated brass. I did take a couple faucets off and did not notice any flaking or wearing of the plating so they are at least in decent shape.

This stands on two 4" pedestals and has a glycol lines in each pedestal. There is one stout faucet on there, I do know that is stainless steel as it is written on the side of it. It will be shipped with care to try to not pinch the glycol lines as best as I can but just know they may need to be replaced and I did not check the condition of them. The pedestals will be removed for shipping and have the included screws. All faucets and lines will need to be cleaned at a minimum.

I did an estimate on shipping to California and it came out to around $175 through UPS so expect it to be that or less.

Let me know if you have any questions, I hope someone on here can find a good use for it.


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